Fitness Track

Staying Fit at the Conference

Changing time zones, networking, educational sessions, dinner groups…let’s face it—travel to the FRA/PRA Conference could leave you with little opportunity for fitness. And while you may be tempted to “forget” your gym clothes altogether, consider this: staying active can give you the energy and stamina you need to help you through those full days in Las Vegas!

In fact, recent studies suggest that business travelers who exercise while they travel can improve reaction and alertness by up to 61%. Moreover, exercise boosts immunity defenses, triggers the release of brain endorphins, and even helps you sleep better. Check out our fitness options for you!

Fun Run: Thursday, March 14th- 6:15-7:15am
Power Walk: Thursday, March 14th- 6:15-7:15am
Yoga: Friday, March 15th- 6:15-7:15am

Running/Walking Trails: During the conference, come meet up with fellow walkers and joggers to explore one of several different routes in the area, planned out by local hotel staff.


The Mirage Fitness Opportunities

*Fitness Center: Open Monday- Friday from 5:00 am-7:00 pm with your hotel guestroom key.

Keep to your fitness regimen in The Mirage's fully appointed fitness center with a variety of cardio machines, free weights, a personal trainer and yoga.