Candidate Information

Welcome, NCURA Members! Please feel free to view the candidates' information below and make sure to refer back to your election ballot email to place your votes. If you have any questions, please contact Emily Ainsworth, Director, Regional and Membership Services, at ainsworth@ncura.edu or 202-466-3894.

At-Large Member, Board of Directors (two positions)

Nominated Candidates


Derick Jones

Lundquist Institute for Biomedical Innovation at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center





Danielle McElwain

University of South Carolina


“I have been a benefactor of the educational and networking opportunities NCURA has presented. It is my sincere desire to be an effective member of the board of directors illuminating the voice of its members. If selected by you, the members, to serve in this role, my term on the board will be dedicated to being a voice for each of you.” 

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“My NCURA volunteer experience has afforded me to have a deep understanding of our mission and the ability to set aside personal concerns while acting in the best interests of our organization. I have actively served committees both at the regional and national level, including the Executive Leadership Program, Nominating and Leadership Development Committee, Chair of multiple national sub-committees, Co-chair of national and regional meeting tracks, and Regional Executive Leadership.” 

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Sinnamon Tierney

Boston University





Susan Zipkin

University of New Hampshire


“Through all my NCURA volunteer experience, I have gained a clear understanding of the value and importance of professional development and the power of being part of the greater NCURA community. I would like to serve in this role to give back to the organization and play a part in the overall governance. I believe I have the background to be an active, engaging and contributing member.”

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 “I have been in the field of Research Administration for approximately 30 years, and I have been a member of NCURA for most of them. NCURA has helped me grow and excel in our profession. I would like to serve on the Board of Directors to contribute to ensuring the success of the organization that has benefitted me and my colleagues in so many ways over the years.”  

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Vice President/President-Elect

Nominated Candidate

Kris Monahan, Providence College

“NCURA has been a lifeline to me, especially as a research administrator at a smaller institution without a deep on-campus network of research administrators. For many years, I was the only research administrator on my campus which made NCURA even more important for my professional success. NCURA has provided connection, knowledge, networks, and expertise at all stages of my career in multiple ways.”

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