Use the guide below to determine who can best answer your questions or reach us at (202) 466-3894.

Meeting and Workshop Registration Inquiries:

Krystal Kirkland Kirkland@ncura.edu

Membership - New and Renewals Inquiries:

Emily Ainsworth Ainsworth@ncura.edu

Other General Inquiries:

Contact Info@ncura.edu


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to be a NCURA member in order to attend the Annual Meeting?

Yes, you must be a current NCURA member in order to attend our Annual Meeting of the Membership. If you are not eligible for membership or need assistance, please contact Krystal Kirkland at kirkland@ncura.edu.

2. I registered for the incorrect pre- or post-conference workshop.  Am I able to switch?

The answer is absolutely - we are happy to switch your registration, if we have availability. Please contact our registrar, Krystal Kirkland, at kirkland@ncura.edu.

3. I am already registered for the conference, how can I add a pre- or post-conference workshop or guest ticket to my registration?

Click here for Step-by-Step instructions:

First, Log-in using your ID (your e-mail address) and password.  Then go to “My Dashboard” at the top of the screen.

Select “My Event Registrations” from the “Events” section.  Click “Edit” for the event you want to modify.

Credit Card payment is needed at the time of the transaction.

4. Can I transfer my conference registration to another person at my institution?

Certainly and there is no administrative fee to do so. Simply e-mail Krystal Kirkland, at kirkland@ncura.edu in order to transfer your registration to another party. Please note that there may be a price difference in registration.

5. What meals are provided during the conference?

 Conference Meals for Registered Participants:

Saturday 8/4: Pre-conference workshops include a refreshment break * Requires an additional fee.

Sunday 8/5:  Pre-conference workshops include morning beverages and refreshment breaks * Requires an additional fee.   

Sunday 8/5: Delicious american fare and Night at the "National Museum of Natural History" *Requires an additional fee for any non-registered guests.

Monday 8/6: Continental breakfast and refreshments with Keynote address by Kevin Carroll, VP of Prosthetics for Hanger Clinic.

Monday 8/6:  Lunch and Luncheon Keynote address by a surprise guest!

Tuesday 8/7: Continental breakfast, refreshments and lunch.

Tuesday 8/7: Tuesday evening dinner and "Denim and Diamonds Celebration."

Wednesday 8/8: Continental breakfast and a refreshment break during NCURA's Annual Business Meeting. 

Wednesday 8/8: Post-Conference Workshop includes a refreshment break * Requires an additional fee.

Thursday 8/9: Post-Conference workshop includes morning beverages, refreshment breaks and lunch * Requires an additional fee.