Meeting Mentor Program


Are you new to NCURA conferences? Request a mentor for the Annual Meeting!

Mentee Experience

Provides first-time participants, or participants who have recently begun attending NCURA meetings, an opportunity to enhance their meeting experience by connecting with colleagues and expanding their peer network.

Have experience you would like to share with a newcomer to the Annual Meeting?

Become a Mentor

Connect with attendee (via telephone) at least once prior to the meeting to provide information about the conference experience and to answer any questions regarding session offerings, logistics, etc.

Share the meeting experience with the attendee – assist attendee in meeting other members and be available to connect at networking events (receptions, breaks, breakfast, lunch or dinner).

“This program gives new attendees the chance to get some advice on how the meeting may best serve the mentee’s needs and also gives the mentee someone to share meals, sessions, or events with if the mentee came alone.”

-Holly BenzeJohns Hopkins University

The survey to participate in the mentor program at the 60th Annual Meeting is now open!

Click here if you would like to participate!