Types of Education 


WORKSHOPS are deep-dive presentations, traditionally supported with PowerPoint and handouts.  They are taught by topic experts in a classroom style setting. These sessions have anywhere from 20 – 70 attendees who are encouraged to ask questions. 

*Additional fee* 


SENIOR FORUMS are intended for participants in senior management positions. Topical basics are presumed known.  Discussion will dictate the length and depth of each topic. Attendance is limited to 25 people to encourage discussion and active participation. 

*Additional fee* 

 * Please note – The Workshops and Senior Forum are the only sessions taking place on August 3, 4 and 8. There is an additional fee for Workshops and Senior Forums.


 CONCURRENT SESSIONS are presentations that have question and answer time built in. These sessions will have anywhere from 30 – 150 attendees. 

 DISCUSSION GROUPS are small group, facilitated conversations. Instead of formal presentations, the specific topics are discussed, and information is shared by the group’s attendees. 

 IGNITE SESSIONS are 15 minute, high energy, high deliverable offerings that will get right to the “good stuff”. These sessions are only available on Tuesday afternoon.  Stay in one room, or move between topic areas during the break to check out multiple topics. 

 BREAKFAST ROUNDTABLES are facilitated discussions on established subjects during breakfast.