There’s nothing like a face-to-face conference to recharge your batteries, fuel your creativity, and renew your sense of mission. NCURA’s annual meeting is a must-attend event when you’re seeking to gain new knowledge, expand your professional network, and strengthen your connection to the research community.

Join your peers at NCURA's Annual Meeting. You’ll find engaging, learning experiences in a variety of formats, encounter diverse perspectives, and explore new ways to lead and manage the research endeavors at your institution.

NCURA's Annual Meeting offers a variety of opportunities for participants to gain education and credit hours for their professional development.  All sessions are divided into tracks.

Available tracks are:

Clinical Research/Clinical Trials
Contracting and Working with Industry
Federal & Regulatory
Global (For US Participants and for Non-US Participants)
Professional Development: Human Capital
Professional Development: Training
Predominately Undergraduate Institutions
Research Development
Senior Level 

NCURA Ignite Sessions- Tuesday, August 7, 1:00-2:00 pm

NCURA is hosting our own version of Ignite speedy presentations with short sessions on Tuesday afternoon!  There will be a room devoted to each topic. You can choose to hear three presentations on the same topic, or switch rooms during the short breaks. Come pick up great nuggets of information that might change everything... These sessions are sure to be full of fun and energy.