Discovery & Innovation Showcase

NCURA's 66th Annual Meeting Discovery & Innovation Showcase

The Discovery & Innovation Showcase is a new offering for the attendees of NCURA’s 66th Annual Meeting (August 4-7, 2024) and will provide a platform for participants to share innovative ideas with their colleagues. By sharing discoveries and innovations, attendees can celebrate, acknowledge, and build upon each other's creative ideas. The Showcase serves as an opportunity for participants to learn from one another, expand their professional networks, and discover novel solutions that can be implemented on a broader scale.

NCURA Members are encouraged to submit summaries that outline their innovations through the Discovery & Innovation Showcase process detailed below. Selected submissions will be asked to provide a brief recorded video prior to the Annual Meeting. During the meeting, innovators will be assigned a designated time and location so that attendees can stop by, ask questions and engage in discussions showcasing these innovations.

We invite you to consider participating in this inaugural event and becoming an integral part of NCURA's Annual Meeting. By joining the Discovery & Innovation Showcase, you will be contributing to the vibrant exchange of ideas and help shape the future of innovation within the NCURA community and the research administration profession.


Discovery & Innovation Submission Process

To submit your Discovery and Innovation idea for consideration, click here. Please note that submitted ideas may not include sharing of proprietary information or be used for marketing purposes. Ideas are intended to be broadly disseminated for the benefit of the entire NCURA membership.

Innovation teams are limited to three (3) members. At least one member of the innovation team must be a registered Annual Meeting attendee and be willing to present at the designated time and location. It is required that at least one team member registers after receiving acceptance. Click here to register for AM66!

Deadline for summary submissions: May 15, 2024
Submit your ideas here by May 15. Selected innovators will be notified by the end of May.


If Selected

Innovators participating in the Discovery & Innovation Showcase are required to record and submit a video showcasing their innovations. The video should be no longer than 5 minutes in duration. These videos will be shared with the NCURA registered attendees prior to the Annual Meeting, allowing attendees to familiarize themselves with the showcased innovations. Additionally, a specific time slot will be allocated during the meeting for innovators to meet with attendees to discuss their innovations. Videos and presentations may not include sharing of proprietary information or be used for marketing purposes. Videos and presentations are intended to be broadly disseminated for the benefit of the entire NCURA membership.

NCURA staff will provide detailed instructions on how to record videos. Once the videos are finalized, they will be uploaded to the NCURA website. Before the Annual Meeting, an email will be sent to all registered attendees containing the videos and a reminder to explore the showcased innovations during the meeting.


Awards & Judging

Meeting attendees will vote on the Top Innovation, with a Top Innovation award presented during the meeting.


Awards Terms and Conditions for Discovery & Innovation Showcase Submissions

  • Innovators are limited to one submission as a “Lead” innovator.
  • Innovation Teams are limited to three (3) members.
  • Discovery & Innovation summaries and videos must be submitted by NCURA members, and if selected, at least one member of the innovation team must register for the Annual Meeting and agree to present to attendees at the designated time and location.
  • The Discovery & Innovation Showcase will be open to the press. Submission of a video implies permission for media coverage and for the video to be made publicly available online.
  • Selection decisions are final.
  • The submitter certifies and warrants that their innovation idea does not contain proprietary information or is intended to be used for marketing purposes. Additionally, the submitter gives NCURA authority to reproduce and publish videos to the membership and holds NCURA harmless from any breach of this warranty.


Questions about the Discovery & Innovation Showcase may be directed to:

Erin Bailey, eedb@buffalo.edu

Tricia Callahan, tricia.callahan@emory.edu

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