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Workshop faculty are responsible for teaching NCURA's Financial Research Administration (FRA) workshop. This 2.5 day workshop is intended for those with a minimum of 2 years research administration experience.

DURATION: 3 year appointment (based on continuing positive evaluations).

Function of Position - To teach the financial research administration workshop and serve as an ambassador of NCURA and the research administration profession.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities & Percentage of Time Devoted -

The workshop provides an in-depth look at financial compliance issues through a combination of lecture, case studies, review of Federal audit reports, and a discussion of best practices. The workshop presents the financial issues of sponsored programs management using a ‘cradle-to-grave’ award lifecycle approach, and discusses the impact of the financial issues at each stage of award management. The workshop is team taught by three faculty. Each workshop is 2.5 days in length. Teaching load is approximately 2 sessions per year. All faculty also are involved in the annual update and review of materials.



  1. Knowledge and/or Skills – Significant knowledge in the topical areas being presented as well as the ability to serve effectively as a member of a three-person team. Extensive effective presentation experience is necessary. Excellent facilitation and communication skills are required.
  2. Education and/or Experience - Expertise in post award, financial, compliance, costing, audits and other areas of grant and contract financial management. Extensive interaction with faculty, university committees, the federal government and auditors to provide attendees with real life experiences is required.
  3. Be a current Regular member of NCURA.
  4. Have demonstrated leadership in the field of research administration.
  5. Have minimum 10 years experience in research administration.


Training and Support - The faculty team coordinator, session team leader, as well as the PDC chair and the NCURA staff provide necessary orientation and support. Attendance at an adult learning principles workshop and an observation of a full workshop are required.

Additional Information (Benefits, Cost Reimbursement, Travel Requirements, etc.)

  1. The opportunity to share your research administration knowledge and serve as an ambassador of the profession as well as the organization.
  2. You receive an honorarium for each session you teach. NCURA coordinates your hotel requirements and you are reimbursed for your travel expenses.
  3. All traveling workshop programming is under the auspices of the Professional Development Committee.




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