NCURA Magazine- Senior Editor


The NCURA Magazine is the primary instrument for keeping the membership informed of news and items of interest within NCURA, and in the field of research administration. It is also emerging as a forum for discussions and debates about critical policies and regulations affecting the conduct of academic research. The position of Senior Editor is necessitated by the growing size, complexity, and importance of the Magazine, both within the organization and as a premiere publication within the international research administration profession. The Senior Editor is appointed after a competitive application process and confirmation by the Professional Development Committee and the National Board of Directors.

The NCURA Magazine Senior Editor shall serve a term of three years.

  1. Function of Position – The Senior Editor “steers” the overall direction of the Magazine. This function includes development and execution of feature articles in each issue, the development and execution of thematic issues, the development of special issues released outside the normal publication schedule, and strategic planning at the beginning of each publication year. The Senior Editor works in conjunction with the Managing Editor, co-Editors and NCURA staff. The Senior Editor serves as “first among equals” in relation to the co-Editors and facilitates coordination among them and the Magazine in general. The Senior Editor serves as an ex-officio member of the PDC, productively contributing to the committee as is required of all committee members. The Senior Editor also builds bridges to organizations parallel/related to NCURA and the research administration profession expressly for the purposes of enhancing the quality of the magazine, gathering the most current information on policy and regulatory developments, and garnering in-depth reporting and analysis of important research administration issues.
  2. Essential Duties and Responsibilities & % Time Devoted – Duties and responsibilities are outlined in the preceding paragraph. Approximately 3 days per issue are devoted to Magazine responsibility, but as necessary to keep the Magazine “on schedule.”
  3. Qualifications/Requirements
    1. Knowledge and/or Skills - Familiarity with NCURA, including its structure, organization, culture, regions and membership. Knowledge of research administration issues and current topics. Ability to manage production of a publication with a number of topics, with varying levels of seriousness. Ability to prioritize information for publication. Ability to interact with professional entities parallel to NCURA (FDP, COGR, UIDP, EARMA, SRA, AAAS, etc.), with the goal of receiving articles and topic ideas from such organizations. Excellent writing and editing skills are required, as evidenced by prior written materials (articles, columns, books, etc.).
    2. A history of participation in other NCURA activities is required.
  4. Training and Support - Extensive support is available from the NCURA staff.
  5. Additional Information- Travel for Magazine business is reimbursed by NCURA.