About the NCURA INORMS Travel Award 2020

The NCURA INORMS 2020 Travel Award supports travel-related costs to the 2020 INORMS Conference, which is from May 25-28, 2020, in Hiroshima, Japan. The Award is for one NCURA member who would not otherwise financially be able to attend this conference. The recipient can be from any of the NCURA Regions, including the International Region.  The recipient will receive up to USD $1,000 toward travel expenses associated with attending the conference.

Award Information

  • Number of Award:1
  • Award Amount: USD $1,000

Application Information

  1. Online Application Form (pdf version here)
  2. E-mail Address for Submitting the Letter of Institutional Support: fellows@ncura.edu  
  3. Application Deadline: November 15, 2019 (due by 11:59pm EST)

Selection Criteria

  • Be a current NCURA member
  • Would not otherwise financially be able to attend the conference
  • Would be responsible for making own travel and accommodation reservations
  • Agree to submit a report on his/her meeting experiences to the Select Committee on Global Affairs within thirty (30) days of the meeting
  • Institutional support as demonstrated by a Letter of Institutional Support from the applicant’s supervisor. 

Other Information


  • Claire Chen, Senior Manager, Global Initiatives  (chen@ncura.edu / +1-202-466-3894)  

    Mende Yangden, Program Assistant, Global Initiatives (yangden@ncura.edu / +1-202-655-7255)