NCURA Fellowship Host Institution

Roles and Responsibilities: Serving as a Host Institution

The Host Institution is one of the critical parts of the Fellowship experience. With NCURA members located all around the world and from different institutional backgrounds, there is a strong need for universities and institutions of all types to serve as Host Institutions for potential Fellows.  There are no direct costs to Host Institutions. Instead, we ask for the following commitments:

  • One designated staff member to act the main point of contact.
  • Desk space and appropriate equipment (computer, network access, printing access, etc.).
  • A structured program that engages the Fellow and enables him/her to learn about research administration and management in your country.  (Here is a sample program).
  • Cultural exchange and networking opportunities.
  • Meetings with appropriate staff and agreed time to reflect on mutual learning.
  • Advice on housing/hotel accommodation options and local information regarding travel, shopping, etc.
  • A simple evaluation survey of the Fellowship experience if you do host a Fellow.


Benefits for Host Institutions
  • The opportunity for you and your staff to learn about another country’s perspective on research and another institution’s management practices.
  • Connecting with a colleague from another country and from an institution where your faculty may already have collaborative research projects.


How to become a Host Institution

Step 1: Fill in the Host Institution application form Here

Step 2: Send an email to Claire Chen (chen@ncura.edu) with the subject line “Host Institution Application” and let us know that you have finished your application.



Claire Chen, Director of Global Initiatives, NCURA.