SARIMA-NCURA Fellowship Program


About the SARIMA-NCURA Fellowship Program

The SARIMA-NCURA Fellowship program is a joint initiative between NCURA and our sister organization SARIMA (Southern African Research and Innovation Management Association). This and other Fellowship programs have two underlying objectives: (i) the training of research administrators, and (ii) enhancing global research collaboration.  This program is intended to reduce barriers to global research administration and create an administrative framework conducive to global research collaboration.  There is an ever increasing amount of global research collaboration, and these Fellowships aim to create a pool of individuals who are able to interpret a multitude of various sponsor requirements and assist their institution with administrative compliance on a global scale – from application submission through financial reporting and closeout.

The SARIMA-NCURA Fellowship program will provide an opportunity for research administrators to travel to southern Africa's research organizations and to immerse themselves in a program of mutual learning and knowledge exchange. NCURA will support up to USD $2,000 in travel costs, and Fellows are expected to pass on their experiences and knowledge of how research administration management operates at their institution, to become acquainted with best practices and the local knowledge of their Host Institutions, and to respect all appropriate organizational rules and cultural practices. 

If your institution is interested in serving as a Host Institution for a Fellow from SARIMA or from another country, see the Host Institution webpage



SARIMA is a membership organization of Research and Innovation Managers that operates at an institutional, national and international level, as well as across the value chain, from research through to successful innovation (commercialization). The purpose of the association is to promote research and innovation management for the benefit of southern Africa. SARIMA is engaged on an annual basis with a large number of research and innovation management professionalization activities, including capacity development courses and other interventions. SARIMA manages a cohort of Southern African Development Community (SADC) focal points to promote research and innovation management in collaboration with the South African Department of Science and Technology. It furthermore manages and co-ordinates a growing portfolio of multilateral programs and projects in support of the SARIMA mandate and for the benefit of its members and stakeholders.  SARIMA is a stakeholder organization that provides a platform for the promotion and facilitation of best practice in research and innovation management in southern Africa. The purpose is to strengthen the research and innovation system to ensure the social and economic development of the southern African region.


Application Information

·  Application Deadline:  September 2, 2019 (due by 11:59pm EDT / UTC-5 hours)

·  On-line Application Form

·  Submission E-mail for Letter of Institution Support and Resume/CV only: sarima@ncura.edu

·  List of Host Institutions


Award Information

· Time Period for the Two-Week Fellowship: between January 2020 – December 2020

·  Number of Awards: 2

·  Funding Amount: USD $2,000 (additional costs will be borne by the Fellow or the Fellow’s institution)

Eligibility Criteria

*****Not eligible to apply if applicant had been selected as an NCURA Fellow within the past 3 years. *****


· Minimum 5 years of experience in research administration.

· Minimum 5 years of active membership in NCURA.  This can be waived if the applicant’s own institution agrees to serve as a Host Institution for a future NCURA Global Fellow.

· Institutional support as demonstrated by a Letter of Commitment from the applicant’s institutional   leadership. 

· Credentials and the ability to travel outside the applicant’s own country. 


Selection Criteria

· International research administration experience 

· Quality of the statement of interest 

· If applicant is applying to more than 1 Fellowship type, NCURA will select the applicant for no more than 1 Fellowship type


Other Information

·  List of Past Fellows 

·  Aug 2014 NCURA Magazine Article on Fellowship Experience 



· Claire Chen, Manager, NCURA Global (chen@ncura.edu / +1-202-466-3894)