NCURA Global Traveling Workshop Faculty Application

NCURA Global Traveling Workshop Faculty Application

By Invitation Only

Below you will find background information, position description, and the application process to become a member of the Global Traveling Workshop Faculty team.  

NCURA has had the opportunity to present research administration workshops in different countries in the past few years, including Belgium, Germany, Norway, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.  We currently have future workshops planned for Italy, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, and Zimbabwe.  We further anticipate that there will be an increasing need for additional NCURA volunteers to serve as faculty for these Global workshops.

As a result, the NCURA Select Committee on Global Affairs (SCGA) has created this application process to develop a pool of experienced research administrators who have both teaching and cross-cultural experience.  This current application process is for U.S.-based NCURA members; there will be a future application process for International Region members.

General Position Description

Function of Position: To teach the foundations of research administration and selected topics while serving as an ambassador of NCURA and the research administration profession at Global Traveling Workshops.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities & Time Devoted: Workshop faculty teach specific topical areas (U.S. federal grants for non-U.S. institutions, compliance, pre-award, post-award) to the research administrators and managers in a non-U.S. setting. Each workshop is team taught. Workshops range from 1 to 5 days in length depending on the topics requested, and the travel time may require an additional 1-3 days, depending on the location.  Faculty may be asked to participate in one to three offerings per year, expected to prepare for workshops, and involved in regular update and review of the curriculum.


The most successful candidates will demonstrate:

Knowledge and/or Skills – Experience as an NCURA Traveling Workshop faculty member.            

Excellent facilitation and communication skills in a cross-cultural and/or non-U.S. setting are required.

Have demonstrated leadership in the field of research administration, with experience in global research collaboration.

Requirement: Status as a current regular member of NCURA.

Training and Support: The SCGA and NCURA staff will provide necessary orientation and support.

Additional Information (Benefits, Cost Reimbursement and Travel Requirements)

The opportunity to share your research administration knowledge and serve as an ambassador of the profession as well as the organization

You will receive an honorarium for each session you teach. You will additionally be reimbursed for your travel expenses.

All Global Traveling Workshop programming is under the auspices of the Select Committee on Global Affairs, the Professional Development Committee, and the NCURA organization.

Traveling Faculty Handbook: Global Traveling Workshop Faculty currently use the same handbook as the Traveling Workshop Faculty.  Please review for additional information as needed.  

To Apply:

1. This application form is for NCURA members in Regions 1-7 only; there is a separate application process for Region 8 (International Region) members.

2. Applicants should be a current or a past NCURA Traveling Workshop Faculty. 

3. Send the following material as 1 single PDF file to the submission e-mail NCURAglobal@ncura.edu:

a.  Completed application

b.  Current résumé / CV

Application Deadline:  May 22, 2015 (11:59pm EDT)

Submission E-mail: NCURAglobal@ncura.edu (1 single PDF)

Contact Information: 

Jesse Szeto, Senior Manager, NCURA Global (szeto@ncura.edu / 1-202-466-3894)

Kim Moreland, Chair of the Select Committee on Global Affairs (kmoreland@rsp.wisc.edu / 1-608-262-3822)