Presentations and Webinars

Presentations from Horizon 2020 Workshop at NCUAR AM58

Horizon 2020: Excellent Science Pillar

Horizon 2020 Workshop- SPI 

European Commission: Horizon 2020- Florida International University


Health-related calls (U.S. entities eligible for funding)

Research Infrastructure calls (U.S. entities eligible for funding)

Arctic research calls (U.S. participation is encouraged for BG-9-2016, BG-10-2016, BG-11-2017)

EU Delegation Information and Networking Event on Horizon 2020 Work Programme for 2016-2017
H2020 Overview, US Focus, and Practical Information 
US Participation in H2020
H2020 Useful Links
EU-US Collaboration for Nanomedicine
Key Differences Between US Federal Grants and H2020 Grants

Webinar: Funding opportunities for U.S. researchers in H2020 – January 22, 2014

Webinar: Funding possibilities for U.S. Researchers within the European Research Council (ERC) – February 19, 2014

Webinar: Transport research funding opportunities for US researchers in Horizon 2020 – April 10, 2014

Webinar: Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions - Fellowship opportunities for researchers worldwide in academia or the private sector – May 28, 2014

NCURA 56th Annual Meeting:  3 Workshop Sessions on H2020 and U.S. researchers in Washington, DC - August 13, 2014

Session 1 - Horizon 2020: At the End of the Ocean?

Session 2 - Openness in International Cooperation and No Automatic Eligibility for Funding: Two Side of the Same Coin! How?

Session 3 - EURAXESS - Marie Skłowdowska Actions - ERA Grants

Conference: EU-U.S. Innovation Conference in Brussels, Belgium – January 14-15, 2015

Presentation: H2020 Overview and How to Apply

Presentation: Introducing Horizon 2020, Martin Baumgartner (3/4/2015)

Presentation: Common H2020 Issues, Martin Baumgartner (3/4/2015)

Presentation: Advanced H2020 Issues, Martin Baumgartner (3/4/2015)

Video Presentation: Overview of H2020, Martin Baumgartner (PRA 2014)

Webinar: Administrative Basics on H2020 and the Participant Portal (3/17/2015)

Video: Costs in Horizon 2020

Video: Horizon 2020 - Research Opportunities for US Researchers (members only content)

5 August 2015: Horizon 2020 Workshop at NCURA AM 57 -               

Introduction to Horizon 2020, Opportunities for U.S. Researchers & Logistics for Proposal Submission

Horizon 2020 vs. Federal Grants: What Are the Key Differences?

U.S. Participation in H2020 Open Calls & Schedule for Future Open Calls

EU Grant Management: A New Approach

European Funding Opportunities for Students, Postdocs & Researchers of All Nationalities

October 2015 - 2nd EU Tour (Warsaw, Rome, Lisbon) -

Presentation: US Research Funding at Karolinska Institutet (Eva Bjorndal)

Presentation: Research Collaboration between US and European Institutions - Case Studies Research Management (Regina Notz)

An Introduction to the US Funding Environment (Patricia Hawk and John Hanold)

For additional information on Horizon 2020 and opportunities for U.S. organizations, 
please contact Mr. Jesse Szeto, Director of NCURA Global, at szeto@ncura.edu or +1-202-466-3894