Poster Session at AM61

What is NCURA's Poster Session?

NCURA's 61st Annual Meeting will take place August 4-7, 2019 in Washington, DC.  The NCURA AM61 Poster Session will focus on new and innovative ideas being used by research administrators to support research.  The Poster Session is a forum to present and share information with meeting attendees with ideas presented on a poster, which is affixed to a 4’ x 8’ pin-boards, located in the exhibition hall.


Poster submissions will be reviewed by a selection committee.

Your poster submission must include the following:

  • A description, not to exceed 1,500 words, including title, and should be double-spaced
    • Include the background: what was the need, problem, or new idea and why
    • You may use up to 2 tables or figures, diagrams, pictures, graphs, and illustrations of methods, etc.
  • Poster Abstract, not to exceed 500 words, including title and all authors, (in order of authorship).  This abstract should be written for the research administration community

If Selected

Presenters will provide posters that fit on a 4’ x 8’ pin board, and that illustrate their innovations.  Push pins will be provided. Text should be in a font large enough to be visible from a comfortable reading distance, with the number of tables or figures, diagrams, pictures, graphs and illustrations at the discretion of the presenter(s).  Accepted posters will be displayed during the Annual Meeting, with a designated time for presenters to accompany posters and speak about their innovation.



Posters will be judged by both attendees and a panel of subject matter experts, with Awards presented during the meeting.


Three awards will be made, with an additional overall First Place


Awards Terms and Conditions for Poster Submissions

  • Posters presentations must be submitted by NCURA members
  • Presenters must be registered for the NCURA 61st Annual Meeting
  • Posters that have been/will be presented elsewhere are not eligible for submission. 
  • The Poster Session will be open to the press. Submission of a poster presentation for review implies permission for media coverage.
  • Selection decisions are final.
  • Poster submission is taken as an agreement to present an accepted format at the scheduled time.

Submissions of Description, Abstract and Face Page should be sent electronically to postersessions@ncura.edu

Deadline for submission: April 30, 2019

Reviewers decisions will be made with notification no later than June 5, 2019.


Poster content and development questions should be directed to:

Within the U.S.

Denise Wallen, wallen@unm.edu

Kathleen Larmett, larmett@ncura.edu


Outside the U.S.

Agatha Keller, agatha.keller@sl.ethz.ch