National Council of University Research Administrators

2017 Annual Meeting  
Exploring the Possibilities: . . . Navigating into the Future

Poster Session - Call for Submissions 

Deadline for Submissions has been extended to May 8, 2017 

The National Council of University Research Administrators (NCURA) invites poster submissions to be considered for presentation at the 2017 Annual Meeting, which convenes August 6-9, 2017 at the Hilton Washington in Washington, DC.  The 2017 Poster Session will be held on Monday, August 7, 2017.

All NCURA Members are eligible for consideration for the 2017 NCURA Poster Award (one $500 award). The Award will go to the posters recognized by a panel of reviewers as most noteworthy, judged on the basis of substantive significance, innovation, and quality of presentation.


Purpose and Focus of NCURA Poster Session

·         Poster topic focus may be as follows:

o   Topical areas can include but are not limited to: public policy issues and research administration (e.g., the impact of the Uniform Code change in policy on the research office and research administration or the impact of export control reform); advancement of technology transfer in research administration and associated challenges and obstacles; analysis of research enterprise models both domestic and global (e.g., models and elements that support success rate of proposal submission and awards - ratio of staff-to-PI; operating budget, training programs, types of staff, incentives; efficacy and impact of education and training programs targeting staff and/or faculty; research enterprise strategic planning models such as preparedness for responding to the anticipated senior management retirements and potential staff shortages; or comparative studies on the use of social media).

·         The Poster Session is intended as a forum to present and share with meeting attendees:

o   New, unpublished data;
New analyses of these data;
Newly designed ongoing studies;
Scholarly conceptual analyses and interpretations

·         Posters that have been/will be presented elsewhere are not eligible for submission.

Preparing and Submitting Poster Items

·         Poster Description: This is not to exceed 1,500 words, including title, and should be double-spaced.  The submission must include sufficient data so that reviewers may evaluate it. 

o   Include purpose/thesis, background/relevant questions, methods, findings, discussion and key references.
o   Up to 2 tables or figures may be included  - diagrams, pictures, graphs and illustrations of methods and results, etc
Do NOT include author names on this document.

·         Poster Abstract: This is not to exceed 500 words, including title and all authors (in the order of authorship). This abstract should be written for the research administration community.

·         Poster Face Sheet: Attached for download; complete and return. 

Submit the Poster Description, Poster Abstract and Poster Face Sheet - by email to: PosterSessions@ncura.edu.
Receipt will be acknowledged by email.  

The deadline for submissions has been extended until May 8, 2017


Process of Review of Poster Submissions

Poster submissions will be reviewed by a Selection Committee. Three criteria will govern review:

o   Clarity of formulation or conceptualization,
Adequacy of methods,
Appropriateness of interpretations made

You will be notified of the review decision by June 5, 2017.  Notifications will go the submitter by email unless another notification mode is requested. 

 If Selected: Preparing Your Poster, and the Poster Session  

*Posters will be displayed on 4′high by 8′wide pin boards and should be designed to fit within these parameters.  Pushpins will be provided to mount posters.
Use text font to be visible from a comfortable reading distance.
Posters will be displayed from 9:45 am – 4:00 pm on Monday, August 7, 2017 (set up in the morning prior to this session). The presenter must be at the poster to answer questions for the following periods: 9:45 – 10:15 am, 2:15- 2:45 pm and 3:45 – 4:00 pm.
The winners of the NCURA Poster Award will be notified at the Meeting
Unless the authors otherwise specify in the Poster Face Sheet, submission of a poster abstract implies permission to be considered for potential publication by NCURA’s Journal, Research Management Review and to be featured in NCURA Magazine). 

Further information on the Poster Session will be provided if your poster is selected for presentation.         

Terms and Conditions for Poster Submissions

Membership in NCURA  is required to submit a presentation for consideration.
*Posters that have been/will be presented elsewhere are not eligible for submission.
*The Poster Session will be open to the press. Submission of a poster presentation for review implies permission for media coverage.
*Selection decisions are final.
*Poster submission is taken as an agreement to present an accepted format at the scheduled time.

Poster Session acceptance does NOT include registration for/ access to sessions of the NCURA 2017 Annual Meeting, for which separate registration and associated fees will be required should you also attend the conference. 

Poster Content and Development Questions?
Please contact:
Marianne Woods, NCURA 2017 Annual Meeting Program Committee, Poster Session Track, Academic Program Director, Master of Science in Research Administration, Johns Hopkins University, 202-663-5987, mwoods9@jhu.edu

Logistical Questions? Please contact: Tara Bishop, Deputy Chief Executive,NCURA, 202-466-3894, bishop@ncura.edu