Candidate Information

Welcome, NCURA Members! Please feel free to view the candidates' information below and make sure to refer back to your election ballot email to place your votes. If you have any questions, please contact Emily Ainsworth, Senior Coordinator, Membership and Volunteer Services, at ainsworth@ncura.edu or 202-466-3894.

At-Large Member, Board of Directors (two positions)

Nominated Candidates

Tricia Callahan

Colorado State University





Rashonda Harris

Emory University


"A successful At-Large Member needs to understand how NCURA operates at both the regional and national levels. Additionally, the ability to effectively communicate between the regional and national boards, while recognizing differences in opinion about how best to move the organization forward, is key.” Read More of Tricia's Candidate Statement CV 


“An At-Large Member of the Board of Directors is an excellent way to utilize my experience, education and skills developed as a Research Administrator. This opportunity will allow me to not only support the organization, but also have the potential to help shape the future of NCURA, further develop my leadership skills, build connections, and continue to cultivate professional contacts, and expand my network all while exemplifying the meaning of being an NCURA volunteer.” Read More of Rashonda's Candidate Statement CV


Jeremy Miner

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire





Robyn Remotigue

University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth

“As one of the few NCURA members who is a second generation research administrator, I understand the importance of professional development and I embrace my obligation to learn from and give back to the field. A commitment to sharing knowledge, tools, and resources is woven into the core fabric of our respected and collegial community; We are stronger when we are, as the tagline says, "supporting research...together.”
Read More of Jeremy's Candidate Statement / CV
        “Being a member of NCURA, and active in Regions V and III, has provided me with a wealth of resources and information that has been instrumental in my professional development as a research administrator. At the same time, NCURA has provided the opportunity for me to give back to my colleagues by actively being involved.” Read More of Robyn's Candidate StatementCV



Vice President/President-Elect

Nominated Candidate

Denise Wallen, University of New Mexico


"I welcome the opportunity, as Vice President/President-Elect, to support the NCURA vision by working together with the Board of Directors and coming to consensus for the future. NCURA has the ability to assess the emerging needs of our membership and align them with our strategic plan and core mission and values."

Read More of Denise's Candidate Vision & Goals Statement, CV