Traveling Workshop Faculty Application Information

Traveling Workshop Faculty Application Process

Deadline to apply: May 6th, 2016          

Before you begin the online application you will need the below items:

Traveling Faculty Workshop Recommendation Form

Your Resume saved as a pdf. (no longer than 2 pages)

Below you will find both background and position information for each of the Traveling Workshops.  You are advised to read the materials carefully when completing your application.



It takes a well-rounded, experienced research administrator to be a faculty member on an NCURA faculty team. The faculty teams demonstrate expertise across the broad areas of Pre-Award, Post-Award, and various other areas of grants development and research management.

As a presenter, NCURA faculty must have not only a depth of experience in research administration, but also demonstrate personality, charisma and a sense of humor. In addition, they must be knowledgeable about a variety of topics, and this knowledge must be conveyed to an audience with varying levels of expertise.

Beyond being a senior research administrator, an important requirement is to be a good communicator, teacher and presenter. Presenters should be able to couple their experience/ expertise with the topics presented.

The presenter must understand the broader picture of how research administration fits into the structure of the university and how research management policies, regulations and practices have evolved. He/she must have interacted with faculty, university committees, the federal government agencies and auditors sufficiently to provide the audience with real life experiences. He/she must also have had experiences working in a decision-making capacity in order to present to the audience the complexities of the job. They must have experience in pre-award, governmental regulations, compliance issues, and a variety of other issues affecting research administration.

General Position Information

Duration:  3 year appointment (based on continuing positive evaluations).  The position is renewable by competitive application for one additional, consecutive 3 year term.  

Function of Position: To teach the foundations of research administration and serve as an ambassador of NCURA and the research administration profession.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities & Time Devoted: Workshop faculty teach specific topical areas (compliance, pre-award, post-award) of research administration to the research administration community. Each workshop is team taught. Workshops range 2.5 days in length depending on offering.  Faculty may be asked to participate in one to three offerings per year, expected to prepare for workshops, and involved in the annual update and review of materials.


The most successful candidates will demonstrate:
Knowledge and/or Skills – Significant knowledge in the topical areas being presented as well as the ability to serve effectively as a member of a team.  

  • Excellent facilitation and communication skills are required.
  • Proven experience presenting for a National Workshop (Annual Meeting, Pre-Award Research Administration Conference, Post-Award Research Administration Conferences) is recommended.
  • Education and/or Experience - Extensive knowledge with university research administration issues and both broad knowledge of all areas and particular specialty areas within the profession is required. Regular interaction with faculty, university committees, the federal government and auditors to provide attendees with real life experiences.
  • Have demonstrated leadership in the field of research administration.

Requirement: Status as a current regular member of NCURA

Training and Support: The faculty team coordinator, session team leader, as well as the PDC chair and the NCURA staff provide necessary orientation and support. Attendance at an adult learning principles full day workshop on Friday, August 5th in Washington, DC and an observation of a full workshop are required.

Additional Information (Benefits, Cost Reimbursement and Travel Requirements)

  • The opportunity to share your research administration knowledge and serve as an ambassador of the profession as well as the organization
  • You receive an honorarium for each session you teach. NCURA coordinates your hotel arrangements and you are reimbursed for your travel expenses.
  • All traveling workshop programming is under the auspices of the Professional Development Committee and NCURA organization.


Specific Workshops - Content:

Traveling Faculty Handbook: This manual covers all expectations of the Traveling Workshop Faculty not listed on this page. It is required of applicants to read through the requirements and ongoing expectations when considering your application. Within this handbook is also NCURA's Code of Conduct. This must be read before applying.

Contact with Questions:

NCURA Senior Meetings Manager

NCURA National Office

(202) 466-3894