NCURA Peer Programs

Global Sponsored Programs Review

Standards for Effective Sponsored Programs Operations

The NCURA Global Standards represent baselines for sponsored programs operations located at non-U.S. institutions and that provide a supportive environment for the conduct of extramurally funded activities.  Similar to the U.S. based Central-Level and Unit-Level Standards, they guarantee your operation is assessed against a consistent set of features applied to all institutions that follow a US model.   Unlike an audit, the totality of a sponsored programs operation is assessed. While recognizing that institutions differ in organizational structure and institutional priorities, these Standards reflect how the institution integrates the sponsored programs enterprise with its institutional goals and expectations and operationalizes effective sponsored programs administration.

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NCURA's was the most detailed and thorough external review we have received. It was objective, incisive, and provided recommendations the university will act on to improve our research administration.

Vice President for Research