The NCURA Peer Review Program is a powerful tool for enhancing your sponsored programs operations. This review is available to all institutions that have at least one NCURA member.


The completely confidential peer review is conducted by a team of nationally recognized research administrators who thoroughly review the sponsored programs area.  Peer Reviews are conducted using National Standards that represent the core and vital functions of sponsored programs-regardless of size and type of institution. These standards have been developed over the past ten years by senior and nationally-engaged research administrators representing the breadth of the field. At the completion of the evaluation, the institution receives a detailed confidential report that provides valuable feedback on program strengths and areas for improvement. This feedback assists research administration in providing quality services, minimizing risk, and promoting a positive culture for research administration. Support your commitment to providing a high quality sponsored programs operation by having an NCURA Peer Review.


Explore the Peer Review focus that meets your needs:

For inquiries from research institutions and all other questions:

Denise Wallen, Ph.D.

University of New Mexico


For inquiries from PUIs and ERIs:

Kris A. Monahan, Ph.D. 

Providence College


Peggy S. Lowry

Executive Consultant


Megan Fornasar

Manager, NCURA Peer Programs

For questions or further information on the NCURA Peer Review Program, please fill our our information request form.