NCURA Peer Advisory Services

Focused Analysis

Focused Analysis brings senior research administrator expertise to your institution to analyze a specific research administration function drawn from the NCURA Standards and to provide an analysis based on U.S. best practices. Many areas of the Standards are appropriate for Focused Analysis, including such areas as:

  • The effectiveness of sponsored program communications across the institution
  • The process of sponsored program policy development
  • Adequacy of sponsored program roles and responsibilities
  • The range of proposal development and facilitation activities offered to faculty

The Focused Analysis does not replace a peer review as the intent is for the analysis to provide a deeper look at a particular function and how that specific function is carried out, rather than a peer review that looks at program effectiveness.

This service is tailored to the needs of the institution and is flexible in responding to a range of institutional needs. 

For questions or further information, please complete our information request form.

NCURA's was the most detailed and thorough external review we have received. It was objective, incisive, and provided recommendations the university will act on to improve our research administration.

Vice President for Research