NCURA Peer Advisory Services assist institutions in planning research administration infrastructure and priorities as well as addressing specific areas within the institution. The Peer Advisory Services uses nationally engaged and experienced research administrators who bring their expertise to the institution.

Institutions have different needs in different stages of evolving their research enterprise and the corresponding infrastructure supporting that. As institutional priorities and directions evolve, different levels of assistance may be beneficial to a broad or specific area of that infrastructure. The Peer Advisors are not a replacement for institutional staffing and the Services are not intended to replace the institutions decision-making process, but rather be a resource for the institution to draw upon as it addresses specific research administration needs.

Three distinct services are extended to institutions. While there are three specific Services offered, they are intended to be somewhat flexible to meet institutional needs. 


Explore the Peer Advisory Service that meets your needs:

For inquiries from research institutions and all other questions:

Denise Wallen, Ph.D.

University of New Mexico


For inquiries from PUIs and EPIs:

Kris A. Monahan, Ph.D. 

Providence College


Peggy S. Lowry

Executive Consultant


Megan Fornasar

Manager, NCURA Peer Programs

For questions or further information, please complete our information request form.