Panda Powell


Number of Years in Research Administration: 31

Institutions: University of North Carolina Wilmington, Marshall University Research Corporation

Celebrating 31 years in Research Administration in 2016, Panda Powell currently serves as University of North Carolina Wilmington’s Director of Sponsored Programs and Research Compliance where she is Team Lead for proposal development, post-award both financial and non-financial, regulatory compliance, and technology transfer units.  She is involved in a range of research administration arenas including large proposal development, proposal submission, developing and implementing training programs for PIs and research administrators in both pre-award and post-award arenas as well as serving on numerous committees and interfacing with offices and schools across the campus, and the community at large.  She also oversees the creation, negotiation and execution of confidentiality agreements, material transfer agreements, data use agreements, master agreements, clinical trial agreements and all other research administration agreements/contracts/subcontracts between sponsors and University of North Carolina Wilmington.


She serves on numerous university committees, university-business-industry committees, as well as state wide committees related to research administration;  created/revised/implemented university wide policies and procedures;  participates in systems and process improvement initiatives, automated and streamlined research administration management, and lead team developing grant setup software system.  Panda also serves on state of North Carolina University of North Carolina systems committees to create, revise and implement state-wide research administration policies and procedures.


She is involved in research administration efforts including research development, faculty and staff training, proposal and budget development and review, developing strategies to incentivize efforts, strategic planning and promoting research initiatives including the coordination of complex and large-scale proposals.  She also has successfully managed federal construction grants.  Panda has long term experience working with senior leadership and management as well as faculty in science, humanities, social sciences, education and the professions.


Panda’s career has encompassed university, state, private, non-profits as well as consulting work.  She has presented at both NCURA national and regional meetings as well as lead presenter for a NCURA national workshop.  She is a Certified Research Administrator.

NCURA Peer Program engagements are priced as a flat fee, scaled to the sponsored programs total active award dollars in the last fiscal year, regardless of type of Peer Program engagement.