Kathi Delehoy


Number of Years in Research Administration: 30

Institutions: Colorado State University


Kathi Delehoy served as the Senior Associate Vice President for Research Administration at Colorado State University until her retirement in 2014.  CSU is a Land Grant University with research expenditures totaling over $300M for each of the past 5 years placing CSU among the top 5 like institutions in the Country in Federally-funded research expenditures.  As the Senior Associate Vice President for Research Administration (SAVP), Kathi played a lead role in accomplishing CSU’s research and discovery goals.  Kathi served as an advocate and an advisor to the Vice President for Research on a broad array of research administration and operational activities including high-level oversight of sponsored research administration.  She effectively interfaced in a leadership capacity on behalf of the VPR and served in the VPR’s stead regarding matters that arose in his absence including representing the VPR in meetings on a vice presidential level as necessary.  One such example was her role serving as the Research Executive Sponsor for the Kuali Coeus financial and research administration enterprise system.  Among her position priorities were research infrastructure activities, recruitment and retention of leading investigators, strengthening collaborative relationships, promoting interdisciplinary approaches, sustainable budget approaches and good business practices, and building synergy and collaborative efforts among division directors and affiliated organizations. 


Kathi spent her career at CSU working in increasingly complex and responsible positions in the areas of sponsored research administration, financial management, compliance, and reporting and maintained strong relationships with faculty, department and college staff, and central administration.  As of 2014, Kathi was the only CSU employee to have been nominated for and received each of the University’s top performance awards:  the Classified Personnel Outstanding Achievement Award (1991), the Administrative Professional Service Outstanding Achievement Award (2005) and the Oliver P. Pennock Distinguished Service Award (2012).  


Membership and participation in NCURA activities has played a foundational role in Kathi’s career.  She has served in numerous regional and national roles including as Region VII chair and officer, twice member of the Board, member of many regional and National program committees including an initial NCURA offering in electronic research administration, presented on a range of topics at NCURA meetings, participated on the Nomination and Leadership Committee, and currently serves as an institutional peer review member.  Additional professional service includes the Kuali Coeus Board, NACUBO, COGR, and the COGR Research and Compliance Committee.

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