Aurali Dade


Number of Years in Research Administration: 16

Institutions: Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, University of Nevada Las Vegas, George Mason University (current)


Aurali Dade has been the Assistant Vice President for Research Integrity & Assurance at George Mason University since 2012. During her 16 year career in research administration, Dade has served in a variety of roles related to environmental health and safety as well as research compliance and administration. 


As Assistant Vice President for Research Integrity & Assurance, Dade has overall responsibility for the research compliance program and created the Office of Research Integrity & Assurance.  She serves as the Research Integrity Officer (RIO) receiving and reviewing all allegations of research misconduct.  She also serves as the Institutional Official (IO) for the human subjects protection program providing oversight and direction to the Institutional Review Board and IRB support staff. Dade serves as the Institutional Official for the animal care and use program providing overall oversight to the IACUC, veterinary and husbandry team, and animal facilities. She also is the institutional official for export, sanctions, and secure research compliance directing compliance with these complex requirements. In addition to these programs, Dade has developed and served as the course director for Responsible Conduct of Research training programs. She also chairs the Conflict of Interest committee and directs the conflict of interest program and various other research compliance and ethics initiatives and educational activities. She also has developed policies for all of these areas and formed a faculty advisory board to ensure shared governance for research policies and procedures.

In over eight years at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, Dade served in several roles.  She supported occupational safety, served as the Biosafety Officer and developed the Biosafety Program, led the laboratory safety and environmental compliance group (including radiation safety, chemical safety, biological safety and all aspects of environmental compliance including the asbestos abatement program).  She then went on to create and lead the Office of Research Integrity with responsibilities for export compliance, human subjects protection, animal care and use, conflicts of interest, responsible conduct of research, and institutional biosafety committee management. 


At Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center she provided overall oversight for laboratory safety programs; directing the laboratory safety training programs, serving as the Responsible Official for the select agents program, the biosafety officer, and the chemical hygiene officer. 


Dade has a PhD in Environmental Science, a MS in Biology and a BS in Environmental Biology. She also previously held the credential of Certified Biosafety Professional (CBSP). She teaches courses in policy and risk and conducts research and scholarship related to research compliance and ethics. She has given numerous national, regional, and local presentations and workshops. She also publishes in the field, including serving as editor and author of two chapters for: Implementing a Comprehensive Research Compliance Program: A Handbook for Research Officers, a book published by Information Age Press in 2015.

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