Institutional Programs

NCURA offers a broad range of programs and education for institutions. Central to these programs is providing the institution with access to the knowledge and expertise of senior and nationally engaged research administrators. These research administrators bring to your institution an understanding of best practices in models of operation and environments similar to your own.


Whether you are looking to bring to your institution directed education on a specific topic and more defined audience, or basic education across a large number of research administrators, NCURA has programs that will meet your needs. If your institution is looking for counsel in broader research administration planning or strategic goal setting, our services bring expertise to assist to you.  Or, if you are implementing an administrative program review, parallel to your academic program reviews, our peer review program can provide you with the risk management and benchmarking recommendations important for accountability and efficiencies.


NCURA Peer Advisory Services

  • Research Administration Planning
  • Focused Analysis
  • Directed Education

Peer Review Services

  • Peer Review
  • Targeted Follow-Up Review

On-Campus Workshops


Explore the services available to you and how the NCURA senior research administrator Peer Advisors and Peer Reviewers can assist you. For questions or further information, contact Peggy Lowry, Director for NCURA Peer Programs: NCURA Peer Advisory Services and NCURA Peer Review Program at or (503) 364-1847.