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National Conferences

Annual Meeting - Washington, DC      Financial Research Administration Conference     Pre-Award Research Administration Conference
  August 2-5, 2015     March 5-7, 2015  Orlando, FL     March 2-4, 2015  Orlando, FL
   August 7-10, 2016     March 6-8, 2016    New Orleans, LA     March 9-11, 2016  New Orleans, LA
  August 6-9, 2017     March 11-13, 2017    San Diego, CA     March 8-10, 2017  San Diego, CA

Education When You Want It

Campus-Wide Training

With travel budgets shrinking and government regulations constantly changing, NCURA is pleased to offer discounted on campus sessions of our all of our traveling workshops. This is an incredibly cost-effective way to educate a large number of people on the critical issues surrounding research administration. For more information, click here.

The 4 sessions that can come to your campus are:
Departmental Research Administration Workshop
Financial Research Administration Workshop
Fundamentals of Sponsored Project Administration Workshop
Sponsored Project Administration II Workshop  

Thank you to NCURA's Year Long Sponsors: