Candidate Information

Welcome, NCURA Members! Please feel free to view the candidates' information below and make sure to refer back to your election ballot email to place your votes. If you have any questions, please contact Emily Ainsworth, Senior Coordinator, Membership and Volunteer Services, at ainsworth@ncura.edu or 202-466-3894.

At-Large Member, Board of Directors (two positions)

Nominated Candidates

Glenda Bullock

Washington University in St. Louis


Tricia Callahan

Miami University


"It is my honor and privilege to submit my name as a nominee for an NCURA At-Large Member of the Board of Directors. NCURA has been an integral part of my career for the past 24 years and I understand how valuable the organization has been to my professional growth and career.” Read More of Glenda's Candidate Statement CV 


“A successful At-Large Member needs to understand how NCURA operates at both the regional and national levels. Additionally, the ability to effectively communicate between the regional and national boards, while recognizing differences in opinion about how best to move the organization forward together, is key.” Read More of Tricia's Candidate Statement CV


Rosemary Madnick

University of Alaska Fairbanks


Tadashi Sugihara

Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University

“I am honored to be considered as a candidate for NCURA's At-Large Member of the Board of Directors. I have been a member of NCURA since 1998. Being a member of NCURA and Region VI has given me the opportunity to give back the wealth of resources and information the organization has given me throughout the years.”
Read More of Rosemary's Candidate Statement / CV

  “While NCURA has been a major source of knowledge for Japanese URAs, I see new demands as they are gradually getting more experiences. In addition, administrative staff in Asian countries need different kinds of knowledge on research administration, depending on the developmental stage of URA system.” Read More of Tadashi's Candidate StatementCV

Vice President/President-Elect

Nominated Candidate

Tony Ventimiglia, Auburn University


"The opportunities NCURA offers are unparalleled in both caliber and quality. In my 16 years of memberhsip, I (as well as my institution) have greatly benefited from NCURA's programming. I would be proud to lead an organization of this caliber that offers high quality professional development opportunities and resources"

Read More of Tony's Candidate Vision & Goals Statement, CV


Nominated Candidate

Denise Moody, Harvard University


"Since my NCURA LDI experience in 2007, I had always envisioned a personal stretch goal to run for NCURA Secretary and had expressed interest to my colleagues. The desire continued to increase as I became more involved at both the national and regional levels of the organization."

Read More of Denise's Candidate Statement, CV


Nominated Candidate

Anne Albinak, Johns Hopkins University


"As a long-time member of NCURA, I have always tried to give back to the organization in whatever way possible. I've volunteered on all levels of NCURA since my very first year in the organization and I'm always searching for more ways that I can help further the goals of the organization."

Read More of Anne's Candidate Statement, CV