About Us

Core Purpose and Mission

NCURA serves its members and advances the field of research administration through education and professional development programs, the sharing of knowledge and experience, and by fostering a professional, collegial, and respected community.

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NCURA's Core Purpose

To serve its members by advancing the field and profession of research administration.


NCURA's Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Inclusiveness
  • Collegiality

NCURA's Goals

NCURA will be internationally recognized as the preeminent resource for professional development, knowledge and leadership in research administration.

  • NCURA will have a diverse international membership and more customers.
  • How the association delivers its on-demand resources to members will feature increased use of technology.
  • The organization will be providing new, advanced programming worldwide that is more tailored to its membership segment needs.
  • NCURA will provide the best professional development programs for research administration.

NCURA's Statement of Principles


  1. We recognize our responsibilities to our faculties to protect their professional and academic rights, and to keep them apprised of regulations, policies and procedures which affect the conduct of their research programs.
  2. We recognize our responsibilities to our institutions to represent them fairly and accurately in all negotiations and communications, with careful attention to issues of academic freedom, rights in intellectual property, and policies regarding the appropriate stewardship of external funds supporting research and scholarship.
  3. We recognize our responsibilities to our research sponsors to enunciate clearly our institutions' policies and practices, and to accept only those terms and conditions with which we can assure compliance.
  4. We recognize our responsibility to our local communities to address the health and safety aspects of our research programs.
  5. We adhere to the principles, policies and procedures of our institutions and promote understanding of same among our faculties and staffs.
  6. We understand the importance of recognizing the potential for, or appearance of, conflicts of interest in the performance of our duties and resolving such according to our institutions' policies.