The Importance of Research

View the videos below to learn about the latest in research; how it helps you, and benefits our future!

Michigan State University - David Kramer-Plant Research
University of Wisconsin Madison - Jason Otkin-Draught
Penn State-The Roots Lab
University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry
University of Michigan
Washington State University
University California, Irvine - Dr. Josh Grill
East Carolina University - Dr. Rukiyah Van Dross and Dan Ladin
University of California, Irvine - Dr. Eric Rignot
Auburn University - Dr. Mark Liles
Arizona State University
Harvard University - Dr. Ron Walsworth

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Managing and Monitoring International Risk * Governance Structure
A Policy or Procedure Development Consideration: Who is the Policy or Procedure Owner?
Who is Your External Audience When Developing Policies and Procedures?
Who is Your Internal Audience When Developing Policies and Procedures?
What are We Trying to Accomplish in Establishing and Revising Policies and Procedures?
(2/2) What Drives the Need to Establish or Revise Policies and Procedures?
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